Run-Flat Changer Machine (Run-Flat Replacement Machine) is a machine that allows the run-flat to be changed in a practical way in all vehicles with 16-30-inch run-flat tires. In recent years, especially in 4 × 4, 6 × 6, 8 × 8 armored military vehicles are definitely run-flat. This increase in use also brought about the need to change the run-flat in an emergency. GM Defensive Ind. Co. as, we also meet this requirement, we have produced Run-Flat Changer Machine.

Run-Flat Changer Machine Usage Areas and Advantages.

It is used in all armored vehicles of Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie and Police.

It is also suitable for armored vehicles used in all armies of the world.

Suitable for all vehicles with rim sizes of 16 to 30 inches.

It, allows easy and practical disassembly and replacement of the run-flat.

Thanks to the control unit, it performs disassembly and placement without the need for manpower.

The 24 Volt Direct Current Control Unit is extremely safe for the user.

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Run-Flat: The filling material between the rim and the tire of an armored vehicle. If the tires are seriously damaged or exploded, you can continue to move.


Run-Flat Changer Machine Models and Vehicle Types.

It is used on all vehicles with rim dimensions between 16 and 30 inches. It is used successfully in changing the run-flat tires of all armored vehicles in the hands of the Armed Forces, Gendarmerie and Security Service in our country and all armored vehicles produced in the world.

Run Flat Changer Machine Versions:

  • Standard Model
  • Container Model
  • Trailer Model


Technical Characteristics – Standard Version:

1-Tyre Removal and Installation System:

  • This consists of 2 grips retractable with a hydraulic piston-cylinder system and 1 pusher – puller mechanism.

2-Ring Remover System:

  • This works independently from the Tyre Removal and Installation System.
  • It is used for removing and reinserting the light metallic ring on the RFT which is meant to hold the rim in place and for splitting of sidewall off the tyres.
  • The fractured segments of the rim in this section are safely removed.
  • The rim is separated from the tyre.

3-Controller Unit:

  • There is a joystick-driven controller unit available for controlling the tyre installation – removal and the ring removal – installation systems.
  • It works with Direct Current at 24 Volts for the safety of users.

4-Lift System:

  • This system is what ensures lifting up and down the tyres.
  • It is rated for a maximum payload of 500 kg.
  • It operates via a hydraulic system.

5-Hydraulic System Unit:

  • This works with a minimum pressure of 250 bars.
  • It has an oil tank with a storage capacity of min. 100 litres.

Electrical Power System:

Operates at 380 V-415V with 3-Phase current.

(Electric system can be modified according to the power supply networks of different countries (220v-240v 3-phase) )


There are 3 emergency shutdown systems on the machine.


Technical Characteristics – Container Version:

  • The Run Flat Changer Machine is mounted in a container with a 20-inch international roaming certificate.

It has all the features of the standard model and is more compact. The system has the ability to work with generator and mains electricity. It also has the ability to move easily to the operation areas, the battlefield and the wilderness.

Technical Characteristics – Trailer Version:

  • As its name implies, this model of the Run-Flat Changer Machine is a version of a 20-inch trailer container with a valid international transit certificate.

Typically, all the features of the standard version, this model is only a more compact design. In addition to generators, the system can also operate with the power supplied by the grid, and has a feature that makes it easier to transport in transportation areas, in barren areas such as field deserts and in battlefields.

Run Flat Changer Machine  NSN (Nato Stock Code Number) : 4910270592020



We build on the spot the machines we sell and we give training.

In addition, we provide certificates to those who receive training.

The machine is under our warranty for 2 years factory defects.

We provide 10 years spare parts guarantee.

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